Travel – It’s Good for the Soul

Many people enjoy a holiday once a year, spending some time relaxing in the sun and having quality time with family or friends. However, travel can be so much more than this – it’s something that is good for the soul. If you have the opportunity to travel for an extended period of time, it can be a life changing experience. If you want to travel more, make a commitment to yourself to do it. It’s one of the best things you can do, helping you to relax but also to have some amazing experiences that will make you a more well-rounded person. Your trip doesn’t have to be a long one – it’s possible for you to have a life changing experience over just a few weeks. If you... Read More »

Remembering to be Culturally Sensitive

Cultural sensitivity is so important, wherever you might be in the world. It’s essential you respect the people in the country you are visiting, and that you remember how to behave. It will show that you have done your research and you know how to conduct yourself. It is especially important to respect the religion of the country you are visiting. Dress modestly and always cover your knees and shoulders in a place of worship. You should be mindful of this if you are visiting a Muslim country, like Indonesia or Malaysia. You won’t be expected to cover up entirely, but dress respectfully and make sure you limit beachwear to the beach, where it is mostly tourists. Find out if the country has a king or queen, and look into... Read More »

Travelling in a Group – Yes or No?

Travelling with a group of people can be a great idea. It can also be a terrible idea, depending on what you want to get out of a trip. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider: ProsĀ  Company. Some people would get bored and lonely if they are not travelling within a group of people. Safety in numbers. The world is generally quite a safe place if you are careful, but being with others does give a level of reassurance. Organisation. If you go with a tour group, they will organise everything for you. ConsĀ  Lack of freedom. Planning the trip yourself might be one of the things you enjoy the most. If this is the case, a group may feel too restrictive. Price. Group travel costs... Read More »

Should you Travel Alone?

There is a lot of bad press about travelling alone. You hear of murders on Thai beaches, tourists falling into the wrong crowd and being attacked, even people disappearing… But is it really all that dangerous to travel alone? Of course, it can be. You need to be very, very careful. It can also be one of the most amazing things you will ever do, though. If you are thinking about travelling on your own, do it. Be careful about destinations. For example, somewhere in South East Asia would generally be considered to be safer than going to Nicaragua alone. That being said, unless there are specific travel advisories in place for a destination, there will usually be many destinations you can visit perfectly safely. Buddy up with other tourists,... Read More »

How to Make the Most of Travelling in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and fascinating country that is becoming increasingly more popular as a destination. There are lots of reasons why tourists are choosing to visit this part of the world – great weather, stunning scenery, interesting history and buzzing cities. Here are some tips to make the most of Thailand: Prepare for the weather. Look up the seasons and make sure you take some waterproof clothing if you are travelling in monsoon season. Bargain. People will try to sell you goods for an inflated price. Be prepared to bargain as it is part of the culture. Enjoy temples. Visit some of the most iconic temples and seek out some quieter ones if you would like some peace. Visit quieter beach resorts. Places like Patong Beach on Phuket have... Read More »