End of Term – Where to Next?

Now it’s the end of the school term, there will be many families flocking abroad to enjoy a summer holiday, but where are the most popular locations? Well the Canary Islands always guarantee hot weather, yet the Greek islands Rhodes, Corfu and Kos can provide even warmer weather and the beaches are superb. Malta is can offer excellent weather all year round, but there are many soft man made beaches in Cyprus. Greek and Spain tend to be two of the most popular countries for Europeans, yet the Algarve region in Portugal is just as spectacular. A summer holiday is often about relaxing, having fun and just unwinding, and that’s why beach holidays tend to be the most popular destinations. The good news with a trip to Spain is that... Read More »

How To Make A Choice About Where To Go On Holiday

Making a choice about your next holiday destination can be tricky business, particularly when you rely upon a holiday package provider for your information; where they will hammer you with numerous options which don’t quite meet your wishes. In order to reach a decision regarding your options, it’s best to start off with a clear idea of what you want to take part in on holiday; this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but for those people who like to feel in control, this should be helpful: Come up with a list of things you, and those you’re travelling with, want to do, what weather they want, what places they want to see. What’s attainable shouldn’t be considered at this stage, so it should be quite a fun exercise. Once you’ve... Read More »