An African Safari – Something We Should All Experience

An African safari is a life altering experience. Many countries are dependent on tourism as their biggest industry and so a great amount of care is being taken to preserve the continents amazing wildlife. One country that has remained under the radar, yet offers a safari experience like no other is Zambia.

Zambia is most famous for its stunning Victoria Falls; however with almost 30% of the country protected as National Parks, the huge National Parks across the country offer an authentic glimpse into wild Africa.

The Insider’s Safari

You will never find Zambia to be among the most popular destination for an African Safari; however any person in the know will tell you that it is the place where safari connoisseurs flock to. Zambia has permanent rivers running through its lands, the Zambezi being the most important one of them, and this acts like a magnet for wildlife of all sizes.

A Zambia safari is also not filled with tourists, so you get a real sense of adventure in the wild as you interact with knowledgeable local guides and stay in camps smaller than what you find in other countries. The focus here is squarely on the Safari itself, rather than on extravagant luxury.

Up Close with Nature

A Zambia Safari comes in many forms, with most of them being thrilling for the proximity they put you in with the wild. Taking a Canoe ride down the Zambezi is an experience that is unmatched across the world. The river is full of crocodiles and hippos while the banks are lined with Elephants and other animals thirsty for water. Instructions like ‘swim away from the boat in case it overturns’ will keep your adrenaline pumping!

You can also walk your Zambia Safari as it is one of the few countries around the world to offer such an experience to its tourists. It is truly the closest you can come to observing nature without any boundaries whatsoever. The guides supplement you with a support team to help carry any refreshments and baggage along the hike.

Apart from big game animals, Zambia also boasts of some of the most diverse bird watching available for enthusiasts on its parks. There are specialized guides who are experts on the different bird species in the area, and will help you spot the different birds while giving you information about them as well.

Parks to visit

The Lower Zambezi National Park is exceptional and a must visit. It sees a lot of big game thanks to the Zambezi River and offers a number of activities like night drives, canoeing, fishing and walking safaris to keep you entertained. Try and stay at one of the smaller camps next to the river for a very special adventure.

The Kafue National Park is less crowded than others in Zambia and a little more remotely located. It is home to the Cheetah and other species that are found very rarely at other parks in the country.

The North Luangwa National Park is the place to visit if you are an adventure addict. A favourite for experienced safari tourists, it is famous for its walking safaris with up close viewing of big game.

Final Word

If you are looking for a pure African experience, then Zambia is the place you want to visit.