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How Popular are Sports Holidays?

Is your idea of a holiday relaxing in the sun with a cocktail? If so, perhaps you haven’t even considered going on a sports holiday. This could be anything from skiing to trekking to going on a golfing mini break. All these are popular options, and many people choose to do them as part of their holiday. These are some reasons why: A good option for active people. If you love being out of doors and getting active, this could be a great opportunity for you. A way to learn new things. Perhaps the idea of a beach holiday seems boring to the adventurer in you. Choose a sporty holiday to change your perception of what a holiday should be. You can do other things as well. Mix up your... Read More »

Lakes of China

There are so many wonders to see in the land of China, but we think some of the most beautiful have to be the lakes, here are just a couple: 1. Yamdrok Lake (A Pearl from the sky) – was formed from the melted snow of the nearby mountains. It is said to be the female guardian of Buddhism in Tibet. Located 105km to the southwest of Lhasa. Yamdrok-Tso Lake is 130km long from east to west and 70km wide from north to south with a total perimeter of 250km and the surface area of 638 square km, average depth of 20-40 meters – it is the largest lake at the north foot of the Himalayas. 2. Lugu Lake (A pure lake) – The lake has an area of over... Read More »

Christmas holiday?

Whether you are looking to get away for Christmas with the children or as a couple, Lapland is a magical place to visit. Tucked away up in north Finland well inside the Arctic Circle there are miles of snow-dusted forests, cosy log cabins and reindeer outnumber the human population! There’s nowhere better to get into the Christmas spirit than Lapland, they pull out all the stops, story-telling around the crackling fires, reindeer sleigh rides and of course, meeting Santa. Snowmobiling and skiing are easy to find across the area. There are many different resorts you can stay at with different vibes, whether you are looking for a relaxing retreat or something more action-packed. Lapland’s cosmopolitan capital is Rovaniemi which hosts many international-name shops and restaurants with a variety of evening... Read More »

What can you get up to in Malta?

Malta is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe but it’s not just the superb weather that attracts thousands of holidaymakers each and every year. There are plenty of attractions, such as the Museum of Roman Antiquities, the Grand Master’s Palace, the beautiful natural bahces and the quiet fishing villages. There are so many different aspects to absorb and the culture is extremely unique, while the dishes are rustic, and actually rather homeseome. Pastry is often used while there’s a hint of Italian with the pasta dishes. Malta benefits from some quite stunning architectural buildings, while the people are extremely welcoming. You can spend time in the busy shopping areas, visit the clubs or just enjoy a peaceful stay on the other side of the island, and whether... Read More »

End of Term – Where to Next?

Now it’s the end of the school term, there will be many families flocking abroad to enjoy a summer holiday, but where are the most popular locations? Well the Canary Islands always guarantee hot weather, yet the Greek islands Rhodes, Corfu and Kos can provide even warmer weather and the beaches are superb. Malta is can offer excellent weather all year round, but there are many soft man made beaches in Cyprus. Greek and Spain tend to be two of the most popular countries for Europeans, yet the Algarve region in Portugal is just as spectacular. A summer holiday is often about relaxing, having fun and just unwinding, and that’s why beach holidays tend to be the most popular destinations. The good news with a trip to Spain is that... Read More »