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Essential Foreign Travel Advice

By and large, there’s nothing inherently dangerous about travelling abroad. In most places you’re likely to visit, you’re no more at risk of crime or injury than you would be at home. Nevertheless, when the unfortunate does occur, it can often be much more stressful if it happens when you’re away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings. With that in mind, here are a few pieces of general foreign travel advice for making sure that you’re as safe as possible while on holiday: Securing your luggage: One of the biggest areas of risk when you’re abroad, keeping your luggage safe and secure is essential for any traveller – whether you’re backpacking across Asia or staying at a caravan park in France, losing your luggage can be disastrous. One simple step... Read More »

Travelling Safe Whilst in Barbados

Travelling in Barbados shouldn’t prove too difficult. Driving is on the left. To drive on the island you must get a local temporary driving licence. The car hire companies will usually help with this. You must present a valid UK driving licence, so make sure to bring it with you. Take care when driving on the roads as there can be potholes and speed bumps. Observe the speed limits. You should take extra care on minor roads and in rural areas where there are narrow roads and blind corners. Pedestrians often walk on the roads and indicators are not always used. Don’t stop if you’re flagged down by pedestrians. Keep car doors locked when driving. Don’t place personal belongings and valuables where they can be easily reached and consider putting... Read More »

Snorkelling Abroad

Are you considering snorkelling abroad? Why not? It’s definitely a fun activity and that’s what holidays are all about. Here are five top tips when snorkelling.   Never dive alone – We recommend minimum snorkelling party is 3; a buddy pair to lookout for each other in the water and a shore lookout. Get Fit – By getting fit you will not only be able to enjoy your Snorkelling better, but also be safer Train with a recognised training scheme – The BSAC’s Snorkelling syllabus is a progressive training course to help people build skills and technique and enjoy the sea safely. Check your equipment – A strap breaking on a fin, a badly fitting mask or a leaking snorkel valve while you’re at sea can all cause problems and... Read More »

Holiday Hotel Problems

Common problems with hotel rooms include cleanliness, electrical items not working and issues with the bathroom (a major issue). If you do discover a problem you should first call down to reception and ask for the problem to be rectified or for you to be moved to another room. If this doesn’t seem to get you anywhere you could ask to speak to a manager. Tell them that you have tried to sort the issue out with reception but to no avail so therefore have had to escalate the problem. If you are still not happy with the outcome you could write a letter of complaint when you get home or if it is a chain hotel, contact the head office. Most hotels are keen to rectify problems quickly as... Read More »

The History of Bangkok

Compared to most popular cities, Bangkok is a young capital, established in 1782 after the Burmese sacked Ayutthaya, which was the former capital. A temporary base was set up on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River, which is now Thonburi, before work started on the more defensible east bank, where the French had built a grand, but short-lived, fort in the 1660s. The first king of the new dynasty, Rama I, built his palace at Ratanakosin, within a defensive ring of two (later expanded to three) canals, and this remains the city’s spiritual heart. Initially, the city was largely amphibious: only the temples and royal palaces were built on dry land, while ordinary residences floated on thick bamboo rafts on the river and canals; even shops and warehouses... Read More »