How to Make the Most of Travelling in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and fascinating country that is becoming increasingly more popular as a destination. There are lots of reasons why tourists are choosing to visit this part of the world – great weather, stunning scenery, interesting history and buzzing cities. Here are some tips to make the most of Thailand:

  • Prepare for the weather. Look up the seasons and make sure you take some waterproof clothing if you are travelling in monsoon season.
  • Bargain. People will try to sell you goods for an inflated price. Be prepared to bargain as it is part of the culture.
  • Enjoy temples. Visit some of the most iconic temples and seek out some quieter ones if you would like some peace.
  • Visit quieter beach resorts. Places like Patong Beach on Phuket have got very popular and are filled with tourists. Look for quieter, more laid back beach destinations like Khao Lak or Koh Lanta.