Preparing to Travel to Dangerous Locations

If you leave aside the potential dangers of certain environments like Iceland with their volcanic eruptions and Chile with their Earthquakes, the biggest danger of travelling is the risk created by other people. Other people, particularly in impoverished parts of the world, may target ‘rich’ westerners as an attempt to rob them, or just because of resentments they feel for people from the west. Being in the know about these risks and how you can identify them, is therefore very important. One of the best ways for an inexperienced person to quickly get the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with any eventuality is by paying for courses which teach them. These courses come in a variety of names; gap-year courses, travel advice courses, and more. They are modelled after... Read More »

Learn About The Most Preferred Types Of Portugal Holiday Accommodation

Portugal is a major European holiday destination and tourists flock to prominent regions like Lisbon, Algarve, Porto and more. This European nation is visited by millions of tourists per year which implies that the industry for tourism is developing rapidly. One can find several types of Portugal holiday accommodation here, where one can be sure to experience world-class accommodation. Tourists can choose from an extensive range of selection spanning from villas, self-catering vacation homes, apartment, chalets, bed and breakfasts, safari tents and caravans. Holiday accommodations present only superior quality properties that extend from privately owned astonishing holiday villas to the most lavish hotels, all individually chosen to cater to quality and distinction. Most of the holiday lodgings are offered for rent throughout the year and are typically pretty high standard... Read More »

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a major tourist attraction for holidaymakers in Slovenia, while those visiting Croatia often go on day trips to the lake. Lake Bled is picturesque with snowy mountain ranges in the distance and Slovenia’s only island situated in the middle of the lake with a beautiful church mounted on top. There are many films out there that have designed scenerywith a hint of inspiration from this beautiful area, and nowadays there are plenty of hotels nearby, so whether you’re there for a short break or a long trip, accommodation is easy to find. The weather tends to stay really warm throughout the summer too, and you may find many people in the blue waters on a hot summer day, while ice cream stores can be found nearby with... Read More »

Why Barbados?

There are many famous people who holiday in Barbados, but what can you actually expect out there? Well… a quick image search online will bring up plenty of images of blue waters and white sands, with a palm tree to the side perhaps, and a little bit of green scenery. There are numerous small fishing villages in Barbados though, as well as large 5 star complexes, but the whole point of a holiday in Barbados is peace and quiet, as well as hot weather of course. That’s why many celebrities flock to this island throughout the year, and there are not many places in the world that can bring seclusions quite like Barbados. Jet skis, and other water sports can be found o n the main beaches, while there are... Read More »

Lake Bunyonyi – What a View

Lake Bunyonyi is a huge lake in Uganda and it’s actually the second deepest in Africa. Some argue that the lake is safe for swimming, yet some areas have tested positive for bilharzias. This shouldn’t put you off though, and you don’t have to be in the water to enjoy this lake; the surroundings are truly spectacular. There are many birds on show all year round including weavers, hawk and levillant while you don’t have to travel too Far to enjoy close up encounters with Gorillas. The area tends to be extremely peaceful, while you can enjoy boat rides, cruising between the various uninhabited islands. The area almost seems untouched, while accommodation can now be found nearby, yet the lodges are not exactly up to 5 star standards so don’t... Read More »