Want a hot Christmas break?

Lots of Brits may swarm to Australia to enjoy a warm winter holiday, so to be a bit different why not head out to Mexico? This fabulous location is worth the ten to twelve hour journey, with a long and varied history including influences from ancient civilisations like the Mayans and Aztecs, plus the mass of Spanish settlers more recently. There are many airports available for you to fly in to including Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun and more. There are numerous tourist attractions include Chihuahua, Santiago de Queretaro and Oaxaca. Within these cities you’ll discover resort-style attractions in addition to local restaurants and taverns. Guadalajara offers more traditional experiences including mariachi music, tequila and ‘charros’ which is the Mexican version of rodeo. The 16th century colonial resort of Monterrey offers... Read More »

Three Peaks

The National 3 Peaks Challenge in the UK includes climbing Snowdon (in Wales – which is 1085m); Scafell Pike (in England – which is 978m); and Ben Nevis (in Scotland – which is 1344m). The Challenge is open to everyone, but you have to realise how physical the challenge is, so therefore you really do need to have a good level of fitness. You can take part in the Challenge in three ways — as a self-organised event, a professionally organised event, or as part of a charity-organised event. There are maps available for you to buy should you want to do it on your own, but the professionally organised events will offer the support to all the entries. Maximum climbing times are suggested to be approximately four hours for... Read More »


Stonehenge, Avebury and their associated sites are from a Neolithic age and represent a masterpiece of human creative genius of this time. The sites are best-known for their ensemble of circular megalithic, which is characteristic of the Neolithic civilization in Britain. On studying these sites it has become clear that they were built in several distinct phases from 3100 to 1100 BC. These sites are one of the most impressive megalithic monuments in the world. This is based on the sheer size of the menhirs, the perfection of the plan – which is based upon a series of concentric circles – and also because of their height. The meaning of these as well as the ability to construct them has intrigued us for many years, even to this day their... Read More »

An African Safari – Something We Should All Experience

An African safari is a life altering experience. Many countries are dependent on tourism as their biggest industry and so a great amount of care is being taken to preserve the continents amazing wildlife. One country that has remained under the radar, yet offers a safari experience like no other is Zambia. Zambia is most famous for its stunning Victoria Falls; however with almost 30% of the country protected as National Parks, the huge National Parks across the country offer an authentic glimpse into wild Africa. The Insider’s Safari You will never find Zambia to be among the most popular destination for an African Safari; however any person in the know will tell you that it is the place where safari connoisseurs flock to. Zambia has permanent rivers running through... Read More »

World Heritage sites (WHS)

There are just 981 UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the world. We strongly suggest you visit as many as you can! These WHS are deemed to be of special cultural or physical significance by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. We have 28 of them in the UK including the world renowned Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire which are famous for groups of megaliths. These two sites consist of circles of menhirs. These prehistoric stone circles astronomical significance is still being explored to this day. If you’re looking to visit somewhere a bit more exotic and further afield we suggest you take some time out in Tanzania which is home to the Ngorongoro Crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken, un-flooded volcanic caldera in the world! It... Read More »