Snorkelling Abroad

Are you considering snorkelling abroad? Why not? It’s definitely a fun activity and that’s what holidays are all about. Here are five top tips when snorkelling.


  • Never dive alone – We recommend minimum snorkelling party is 3; a buddy pair to lookout for each other in the water and a shore lookout.
  • Get Fit – By getting fit you will not only be able to enjoy your Snorkelling better, but also be safer
  • Train with a recognised training scheme – The BSAC’s Snorkelling syllabus is a progressive training course to help people build skills and technique and enjoy the sea safely.
  • Check your equipment – A strap breaking on a fin, a badly fitting mask or a leaking snorkel valve while you’re at sea can all cause problems and discomfort. Taking good care of the equipment and checking it carefully can reduce the chances of problems.
  • Choose a safe site – Avoid areas with heavy boat traffic, dangerous currents and rip tides. Make sure the entrances and exits to the water are easily accessible and that there are alternative places to exit if the dive is cut short.